Spring Run Trout Hatchery Tour

Take a short country bus ride to see rainbow, brook, brown, and tiger trout reared at this historic hatchery which is so important in West Virginia’s fisheries management efforts. The highlight of the trip is meeting the most treasured fish, the golden rainbow trout. The “golden” experiment which produced this special trout originated in Grant County and was introduced to the public in 1963 during trout stockings across the state.

For more than 50 years, these beautiful cousins of the rainbow trout have provided a special experience for anglers who have been lucky enough to catch them. It’s like finding gold panned in a mountain stream. Find gold in these WV hills during your hatchery visit and discover why Petersburg is known as the Home of the Golden Trout.

1988 Co Rte 9/2, Petersburg, WV 26847