Educational Field Trips

Educational Field Trips

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad invites your group to come aboard for a Trough Canyon educational railroad adventure.  

Your students will enjoy a three hour excursion through the scenic Trough Canyon located in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia.  The journey travels across rolling farmland and through a remote and rugged canyon where American bald eagles live and nest.  Onboard, students enjoy storytelling by local historians to learn about the railroad and the area’s rich history and wildlife. 

The railroad locomotive dramatically changed life in America by creating an interconnected society where communities were able to work together through trading and traveling opportunities from coast to coast. Our vintage locomotives and train cars bring history to life as students ride the rails on a unique educational opportunity to explore a slice of Appalachia.  

Riding aboard our open air gondola car is an immersive outdoor experience where students learn about a canyon environment.  As the train winds slowly through the canyon, they glimpse scenic views of the South Branch of the Potomac River flowing below towering rocky ridges and forested canyon walls.  Of course, the eagles are the main attraction who nest and live in their pristine canyon home.  At this time, there are several nests which can be seen from the train.   

Our schedule includes Fridays in April through June, and starting in October, our excursions depart daily from Wappocomo Station in Romney, which makes it convenient to schedule weekly field trips.  However, we may be able to run additional weekly days and are happy to discuss alternative trip dates and times to accommodate your needs.  We offer several classes of service so groups may choose the comfort and meal service which best suits them.   

Our goal is to share information to make it convenient for busy educators to prepare students for an exciting day of history, scenery, wildlife and fun!  Please see our educational profile sheet below.

Please respond to and we hope we can  schedule your educational field trip so your students can ride where eagles fly!

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