Stopping by Hampshire county? Come to Hampshire is your hub for finding all the local venues that you can visit, including the Potomac Eagle. Here, you can plan out your vacation, discover new attractions, and eat at local restaurants.

So pack your bags and get ready for the great outdoors! Here is what you can do while visiting the Hampshire county area.

Music & Arts at the River House

The River House is a local music and arts center where the community comes together for group-based activities and education. Here, people can join in on community jam sessions, open mic nights, storytelling, art celebration and more! They even offer an arts education program so people of all ages can learn new skills and crafts within the art world. Be sure to check them out to show off your creative side.

Capon Springs

Capon Springs is a vacation retreat that’s located less than 2 hours from DC. From here, you’ll have access to several outdoor activities and attractions during your stay. Take a hike along one of many trails near the retreat, swim in one of the pools, or enjoy a game of tennis or pickleball on one of their courts. No matter what you do during your stay, you’ll have an endless list of activities to keep you satisfied. Reserve your room today!

Co-op and Heritage Market Place

Located in Romney, the Co-op is a community center and marketplace where community members and artists can gather. The Co-op offers a space for up to 140 people for larger venues, or smaller classes where people can meet and take classes. People can also stop by the Marketplace and Gallery, where local artists and vendors can display new art, sell goods, or enjoy live music and performances that the whole family can enjoy.

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad

Located in Romney, West Virginia, the Potomac Eagle is an immersive train excursion that offers gorgeous views of the surrounding area. From the moment you board, you’ll be guaranteed a stunning trip along the South Branch River with a high chance of seeing our nation’s National Bird, the bald eagle!

Before starting your trip, you’ll choose from one of our four different classes that provide a variety of benefits. For a more family-friendly and affordable trip, we have the Standard Coach, which includes cushioned, bench-style seats and access to the observation car and gondola. To feel like royalty, we offer a Superior Dining experience that includes a 4-course meal and air-conditioned cars.

Regardless of how you ride the Potomac Eagle, we know how to deliver an experience you won’t forget. Book your tickets today!

Explore Hampshire County

The world outside awaits you in Hampshire county! From the River House to the Potomac Eagle, there’s much to see when exploring the Hampshire area. Best of all, there’s much more to discover. Visit today to discover new attractions and create the perfect getaway trip the next time you stop by!

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