Need a hand picking the right fare? Potomac Eagle offers several different classes for you to choose from when boarding our train. From Standard Coach to Superior Dining, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide which one to go with. With so many views and sights scattered across Romney and the Potomac River, it’s important to understand which fare to choose to enjoy all of it. So let’s go over the four different classes we have to offer: Standard Coach, Standard Dining, Premium Dining, and Superior Dining so we can help you make the right choice when riding with us.

Standard Coach

Standard Coach is the cheapest option available for you, so you can relax and be entertained by the non-stop, all-inclusive comforts of our coach and enjoy some of the best sights the Potomac River has to offer. Our standard coach is available for all ages, allowing you to bring the whole family together on our trip. While there is no air conditioning, and heating is limited, you will have access to our concession car, restrooms, observation car & gondola access, giving you the space you need to explore every sight from all angles. Standard Coach is for everyone at an affordable price so all can enjoy each excursion.

Standard Dining

One of our more common ways to ride with Potomac Eagle, the Standard Dining is a nice way to still save some money and ride in style. Built for all ages, our standard dining comes with different light meals for each of our trips. You’ll receive a boxed lunch during our Trough trip, a light breakfast snack and boxed lunch for all day trips, and a light breakfast during our Green Spring special. Other features you’ll find include a concession car, restrooms, gondola access, and windows you can open and close while viewing out of your seat.

Premium Dining

Made for those who love to relax and want to enjoy a full day of what we can offer, our Premium Dining experience is meant for all ages, and includes a robust meal service during some of our longer trips. Enjoy 3-course meals on our Trough and all day trips, and a hearty breakfast when you travel on our Green Spring Special. Our premium dining service includes similar features from our two previous classes, but also has controlled environment air conditioning and heating, so you can stay at the perfect temperature no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. 

Superior Dining

This is the highest class we have available to us, and is perfect for those who wish to get away and spend the perfect day enjoying nature at its finest. Available only to those who are 13 and older, our superior dining service includes an upgraded 4-course meal plan for Trough and all-day trips, and an upgraded breakfast during the Green Spring special trip. You’ll also have air conditioning, heating, assigned seating, and access to the observation car and gondola for maximum comfort.

By now you should have a general idea of the different types of classes you can find while riding with Potomac Eagle. From our affordable standard coach option to our luxury superior dining, our train will accommodate anyone on any kind of budget. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so we can help you on your next excursion.

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